It all started back in 1979 when the first calcium carbonate (calcite) powder production started at Jordan Carbonate in the Middle East. The company started its operations to serve initially the regional paint and coatings market where manufacturers used to import from Europe and Asia. The first quarry was acquired in Marka, Central Jordan. In 1990 the increased demand led to acquiring another limestone quarry in Southern Jordan to support further the fast-developing construction market.​

(Jordan Carbonate Quarry, 1988)

The management philosophy has been always focusing to adopt the latest grinding and mining technology managed by industry leaders and an innovative team that is thriving to diversify our customers' options when it comes to sustainable production. Calcium carbonate minerals have played a crucial role in reshaping the polymer industry around the globe, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is widely considered as the Silicon Valley of the plastic market in the Middle East. Jordan Carbonate took the lead and installed one of the first high-tech coating facilities to support manufacturers in the region by providing more solutions to a wider range of polymer-based applications.

In 2006 Jordan Carbonate has formed a successful joint venture with the world's leading calcium carbonate manufacturer Omya AG operating in over 50 countries worldwide. This partnership has led to sharing knowledge and expertise across different group entities and hence always staying ahead of the competition.

In 2012 the company has invested in a state of the art facility and doubled its production capacity. From day one, the management is committed to modernise and improve the equipment, focusing on automation to reduce lead times. Although calcite is a naturally occurring mineral, sustainable development is taken as a priority. Environmental responsibility, compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations to reduce the carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions) is fundamental to the company's operations.

(Jordan Carbonate Company - Zezia Site, 2012)

For decades, guided by ethical principals the local community has been supported on all aspects. From education to the many job opportunities created over the years, the company has evolved to be home to hundreds of families. Three generations later led by the family, Jordan Carbonate continues to carry the legacy of the founder to provide world-class service and products to customers in the region.